Committees of the Board

Communications & Social Media Committee

Responsibilities: Maintaining and improving the HisBA website; Improving communications with HisBA members; Enhancing membership outreach via various social media outlets; Keeping members informed regarding HisBA events.

Membership Committee

Responsibilities: Maintaining membership list; Soliciting and processing dues; Collaborating with Communications Committee to ensure membership outreach.

Programs & Events Committee

Responsibilities: Coordinate and organize programs and events for HisBA, its memberships and the community-at-large; Assist with President’s Day events.

President’s Day Committee

Responsibilities: Organize and coordinate annual President’s Day events; Oversee logistics associated with President’s Day events.

Policy Committee

Responsibilities: Propose for adoption policy changes or amendments.

Scholarships Committee

Responsibilities: Create and distribute scholarship applications to area law schools; Maintain communications with law schools and affiliated law school organizations regarding scholarships; Review scholarship applications received and select recipients.

Executive Committee

Responsibilities: Approve and authorize matters on behalf of the organization between regular meetings.

Finance Committee

Responsibilities: Manage HisBA’s finances and recommend investments to the Board.

Families United Committee

Responsibilities: Promoting awareness of how legislation affects the Hispanic community, with an emphasis on families.


Please email [email protected] and/or contact any HisBA officer if you are interested in volunteering for a committee.